Biden’s “Parole Pipeline” Leads to Tens of Thousands Coming Into US


( – President Joe Biden’s administration has seen one of the country’s highest influxes of immigration in history. The blame appears to lay at the feet of lax policies on multiple fronts, with open floodgates on the “parole pipeline” leading to tens of thousands of immigrants pouring in from other areas globally. Breitbart recently reported the US received over 300,000 Ukrainians, roughly twice the number of people currently living in Charleston, SC, in a single year.

To put that figure into perspective, consider Pew Research’s estimate the US has taken in about 3 million refugees since its resettlement program began in the 1980s. That means a whopping 10% of the country’s asylum seekers arrived in the past year. The size of the issue really starts to take shape when comparing that number to 2019’s total of 30,000.

A separate Breitbart article highlighted how the open channels responsible for so many legal immigrants enabled over 880,000 foreign nationals to move to the United States between January 2021 and February 2023, including roughly 75,000 refugees from Afghanistan and another 120,000 from Ukraine.

The United States currently hosts more foreign-born residents than Germany, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom combined, according to Migration Policy Institute, making the US home to about 20% of all the world’s immigrants. Pew Research noted that about 77% of people who move to the US do so legally, and about 47% of unauthorized border crossers are Mexican nationals.

California, Florida, and Texas take the bulk of the burden, housing about 45% of all immigrants who move to the United States. Recently, both Florida and Texas sued the Biden administration for allowing unprecedented numbers of people into the country through the parole pipeline. Florida’s case was successful, but Texas is still awaiting a date with the Supreme Court.

Overall, Americans remain split on how to approach the issue. About one-quarter of citizens feel immigrants burden the system, while roughly two-thirds believe foreign residents are assets to the US workforce and economy.

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