Biden’s Debate Was So Bad That Marianne Williamson Has Gotten Back in the Race

( – There have been many concerns about President Joe Biden’s ability to handle another four years in the White House. His numerous gaffes have led many to question if he has his full mental faculties. His recent performance at the first debate between him and former President Donald Trump has led to one prior Democratic candidate jumping back in the race.

On June 27, Trump and Biden met in the first of two debates scheduled ahead of the November 5 election. To say the president’s performance was dismal would be an understatement. He struggled to put words together and spent more time talking about the past rather than focusing on the future and his plans should he win the Oval Office yet again. While many, including several top Democrats in Congress, have called for him to reconsider, author Marianne Williamson says it’s time for him to go — and she’s the one to take his place.

In a statement on her campaign website on July 2, Williamson made it clear that the president “deserves our respect, our compassion, and our gratitude” but noted that his debate appearance left a lot to be desired. She’s not only calling for Biden to step down but also for the Democratic Party to begin its nomination process again. Williamson dropped out of the race in February when it became clear that she had very little support. In fact, she managed to gain 0 delegates to Biden’s 3,896. She also struggled to raise money for her campaign.

Williamson outlined how the Democratic Party would win by focusing on the issues plaguing Americans, committing to ending poverty, and committing to the nation’s children. She said the time is now to begin “engaging in a robust conversation about this country and how [Democrats are] going to beat Donald Trump in November.”

The Democrat’s wish list is very much similar to the woke policies the Left has pushed all along, though she tries to say it steps beyond the status quo. Her pleas are likely to go nowhere unless something dramatically changes in the coming months.

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