Biden Wants More Diversity, Less “Privilege” in Colleges

( – Over 63% of Americans get at least some college education, according to the Census Bureau. University is a rite of passage for many in the middle class and a necessity if you want to work in most professional or managerial jobs. For years, liberals have been interfering with the college selection process and trying to replace “ability” with “equality.” Now, in the wake of a Supreme Court decision that ends reverse racism in college admissions, the Biden administration is doubling down on this policy — but the president’s own record on the matter isn’t a great one.

College — Merit or Politics?

There’s been a long-running debate in the US about whether colleges should recruit students based on merit only or if they should give special treatment to applicants from “marginalized” groups. Since the 1971 Harvard Plan, many universities have considered race as well as ability and given preferential treatment to ethnic minorities. The Supreme Court got involved early; in the 1978 Regents of the University of California v Bakke case, it ruled that schools couldn’t set racial quotas but could have “goals” and “timetables” — a fudge that allowed racially biased admissions policies to continue for another 45 years.

On June 29, the Supreme Court finally pulled the plug. In a 6-3 decision, the justices ruled that race can’t be used as a factor in college admissions. Predictably, liberals are furious. Now the Biden administration has vowed to increase its interference, looking at so-called “legacy admissions” — where schools give preference to the children of alumni — and promising to end “privilege” in admissions policy.

Biden’s Hypocrisy

There’s an elephant in the room, though. The campaign to end “privilege” in college admissions needs a better figurehead than Biden because he’s already shown that he’s willing to exploit his own influence to short-circuit the admissions process. In 2018, his granddaughter Maisy, one of his son Hunter’s five children, applied to the University of Pennsylvania. But there was a problem — with an acceptance rate of just 5.9%, this private Ivy League school is one of the most exclusive in the country, and Maisy’s lackluster high school grades weren’t up to the mark.

Mere bad grades are no problem if your grandfather is a former VP and potential presidential candidate, though. According to emails and text messages reviewed by The Washington Free Beacon, Hunter Biden spoke to his father, and on December 13, 2018, Joe Biden texted his son to let him know he was going to see UPenn president Amy Gutmann the next day. Two days later, he was in touch again to let his son know Maisy was “still in the game for regular acceptance.”

Biden’s interference paid off; Maisy started at UPenn in the fall of 2019 and graduated this May. Meanwhile, when Amy Gutmann said in 2021 she’d be stepping down as the university’s president at the end of the year, President Biden immediately nominated her as the US Ambassador to Germany; she started that job in February 2022. Did Biden promise her the job in exchange for letting Maisy in? Who knows — but there’s a stench of “privilege” about the whole story.   

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