Biden Says US Will Get Involved if Taiwan Is Invaded

Biden Says US Will Get Involved if Taiwan Is Invaded

Biden Says U.S. Troops Are ON THE TABLE – Warning Issued!

( – In a rare unscripted public speaking engagement, President Joe Biden appeared on CBS’s “60 Minutes” show on Sunday, September 18. Interviewer Scott Pelley took the US leader to task on a number of key issues including inflation, the lack of cooperation between the main political parties, and foreign affairs. On the last point, Biden had some interesting comments regarding tensions between Taiwan and China.

During the show, Pelley highlighted that China’s leader, Xi Jinping, had just completed a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The host surmised that the Kremlin’s ongoing military campaign in Ukraine might inspire the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to launch an armed offensive against Taiwan.

The presenter asked Biden how the United States would respond if Chinese forces struck Taiwan. The commander in chief stated he would send US military personnel to defend the island if such an “unprecedented attack” were to take place.

During a press briefing in Beijing following the airing of the “60 Minutes” program, Mao Ning, a representative of China’s foreign ministry, complained Biden’s comments could incite separatist activism in Taiwan. She stated the CCP had lodged a complaint over his remarks, invoking the massive Asian country’s alleged right to defend against attacks under the “One China” policy.

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