Biden Says Trump Administration Destroyed Immigration System

( – Failed immigration policies have loomed over Joe Biden throughout his presidency, but now he’s decided to throw his rivals under the bus over the matter. He says the Trump administration destroyed the immigration system, leaving him to pick up the broken pieces. Biden also alleges MAGA Republicans continue to hinder all attempts to fix the problem.

Speaking at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s annual gala on Thursday, September 21, Biden insisted the Right has been blocking all of his reform efforts. The commander-in-chief stated his administration had already distributed $1 billion, all appropriated by Congress, to the cities most in need of relief. He added that he has requested more funds, but Republican lawmakers are allegedly more concerned with shutting down the government at the moment.

Biden is pointing the finger at former President Donald Trump as well, claiming that the previous administration’s efforts to gut the system paved the way for the current crises.

The Right has accused Biden of supporting lax policies that have led to massive surges of asylum seekers, which are now overwhelming a handful of sanctuary cities. One of the biggest roadblocks these cities have faced has been the slow pace the administration has taken in getting migrants into the workforce and off government support. In response to city leaders’ pleas, the Biden administration recently enabled 472,000 Venezuelans and 14,600 Afghan migrants to apply for work permits. The hope is to reduce financial burdens as these people wait for their court cases while giving migrant groups the opportunity to become contributing members of society.

Minority voter support was a major factor in Biden’s 2020 presidential win, according to The New York Times, so it stands to reason that he’s now doing what he can to appeal to nonwhite voters as he moves toward his 2024 bid. The president’s popularity among the demographic has dropped significantly over the past few years, and his chances in a rematch against Trump might not be so great unless he finds a way to appeal to more minorities before Election Day.

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