Biden Says No To Sending Fighter Jets to Ukraine

Biden Says No To Sending Fighter Jets to Ukraine

( – Since Russian President Vladimir Putin sent troops into Ukraine nearly a year ago, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has requested military support from the West in the form of ammunition, tanks, planes, and everything in between. The White House finally gave in to the request for advanced Abrams tanks, but President Joe Biden is reluctant to provide fighter jets to the war-torn nation.

The Back and Forth Over What to Send to Ukraine

On Monday, January 30, Dave Brown, the defense editor at POLITICO, tweeted a video of a reporter asking America’s commander-in-chief if he would send any F-16s to Ukraine. In response, the president gave a quick “no” before moving on. This was not his final comment on the topic this week, though.

On Tuesday, January 31, President Biden was heading to Marine One when a reporter asked him if he had recently talked with Zelenskyy about further military assistance. This time, instead of a hard “no,” the US leader replied that he and his Ukrainian counterpart were “going to talk.”

Top US Officials Leave Room for the Answer to Change

Meanwhile, a US official told POLITICO that “there has been no serious, high-level discussion about F-16s.” This opening leaves the opportunity for the federal government to change its mind, similar to how the Biden administration eventually gave in to providing 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine.

Each of these remarks from federal officials comes as Ukraine continues its campaign for the popular fighter jets, which would take about six months for their pilots to learn how to operate successfully.

Would Another Nation Provide the Highly Desired Aircraft?

While the US is hesitant to provide the warplanes, Poland is sending signals it may be open to providing the military technology to its neighbor. According to Polish outlet TVN24, the country’s Prime Minister Matusz Morawiecki told reporters he would “take decisions in close coordination” with NATO nations. Around the same time, the head of Ukraine’s presidential office wrote that Poland is prepared to send out the fighter jets. The country’s Defense Ministry is also using Twitter to put pressure on governments to provide the aircraft:

Few people can deny that Ukraine has been able to secure an enormous amount of military aid and worldwide support as it defends its borders from Russia. With this ongoing pressure, Zelenskyy may still be able to obtain this jet, which is capable of both air-to-surface and air-to-air fighting in all weather conditions, giving Ukraine a major boost in the country’s defensive and offensive plans.

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