Biden Receives Letter From Leftist Activists Requesting He Protect Abortion Pills Through the Mail

Biden Receives Letter From Leftist Activists Requesting He Provide Abortion Pill Through the Mail

Biden Receives DESPERATE Letter – Here’s What It Requested

( – Ever since the US Supreme Court returned the abortion rights issue to the states, pro-choice advocates have been trying to figure out ways to retain the ability to end pregnancies regardless of location. On July 16, a group of Democrats from Texas wrote a letter to President Joe Biden requesting his help procuring abortion pills through the mail system.

The group claims traveling out of the Lone Star State is not an option for many women and gave a few ideas on how the US leader could help federally. The first numbered item on the list was a request for Biden to “declare a public health emergency.”

The document has signatures from various organizations, like the ACLU of Texas and Whole Woman’s Health Alliance, in addition to a host of Democratic state Senators and House representatives from both levels of government.

The group requested that the US leader support telehealth programs that provide abortion medication inside and across state lines. In addition, they want to ensure women in Texas can still receive such drugs through the federal mail system. Plus, the letter writers want Biden to protect providers who care for patients in other states from “civil and criminal actions” in Texas for providing abortion care.

Do you think the president has the right to do what members of the Left are asking of him?

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