Biden Promises “Try Like the Devil” in Latest Scheme!

Biden Promises To

Biden Promises To “Try Like the Devil” With Latest Scheme

( – President Joe Biden has never made a secret of his desire to more tightly regulate the sale and use of guns in the United States. As of July this year, his administration used 21 executive actions to “reduce gun violence,” many of which imposed more restrictions on the industry. Now, the president is attempting to rid America of assault rifles once and for all.

During remarks to the press on Wednesday, November 9, the president flatly said, “I’m going to ban assault weapons.” He noted he perceived the “legitimate concern” about his policies regarding guns, but that he was going to attempt to share his vision of gun laws with the American people.

Biden was responding to a question from a reporter regarding what he’d like to change about the country. Specifically, he was addressing the concerns of voters in light of poor polling data on the direction the country was headed. The president went on to mention new proposals for weapon bans and other initiatives. He insisted his administration would continue to push forward with the agenda as voters wholeheartedly supported his policies.

Do you think, as President Biden suggests, the majority of American people support a ban on assault weapons?

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