Biden Meets With Trudeau, Expresses Gratitude for Liberal Ally

Biden Meets With Trudeau, Expresses Gratitude for Liberal Ally

( – President Joe Biden made his first trip to Canada since 2016 on Friday, March 24. He traveled to Ottawa to meet with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who also leans toward the progressive side of the aisle. While the leaders expressed gratitude for their liberal allies, Conservatives in both countries found the meeting infuriating.

The two North American leaders offered statements of mutual appreciation when they met. Biden called the US “lucky [to] have Canada to the north,” noting their ideological similarities “really [made] a big difference” in diplomatic relations. Trudeau matched the sentiment, stating the US was Canada’s greatest “friend and ally.” The president and prime minister met to discuss shared security concerns, find strategies to improve the strength of the supply chain, and devise ways to speed up the timeline to reduce both countries’ carbon footprints. They also talked about China’s aggressive moves, noting the importance of boosting the North American Aerospace Defense Command’s early warning system in response to the Asian superpower’s recent use of spy balloons.

Biden also met with Canada’s House of Commons, where he had a small exchange with conservative leader Pierre Poilievre. The legislator appeared to trip up the US president when, according to Yahoo! News, he introduced himself as “leader of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.” When Biden asked for clarification on the position, Poilievre stated that in Canada, they saw “opposition [as] an act of loyalty” — to which Biden responded, “We do too, unfortunately.” Twitter exploded with comments, many from Conservatives outraged by the display.

The United States and Canada share 5,525 miles of boundary land, making the stretch the longest international border worldwide. Every day, about $2.6 billion in products and services cross between the neighboring countries, which work together to ensure the points of entry remain as safe as possible. Their bilateral ties help the two nations cooperate on shared issues such as defense spending and resource allocation.

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