Biden Launches Dirty Ad, Trump Demands It Be Taken Down

( – The presidential election campaign, already one of the nastiest in history, has just turned even uglier. Republican nominee Donald Trump is demanding that President Biden take down an attack ad that, Trump says, is “phony” and “fake.” The ad is linked to insults Trump allegedly made about American war dead.

In 2020 left-wing magazine “The Atlantic” ran a story claiming that in 2018 then-President Trump had canceled a visit to the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery near Paris, France, because “It’s filled with losers.” Trump has always denied that the story, which the magazine claims was passed to it by anonymous sources, is true — so he was outraged when the Biden campaign released an ad last week that repeated the claim. Along with a video that featured the alleged quotes, Biden added a tweet that said “Donald Trump doesn’t know a damn thing about service to his country.”

At a rally in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 9, Trump blasted the ad and claimed it had been made by “sick people.” He said that only “a psycho, or a crazy person or a very stupid person” would have made the comments he was accused of. Trump continued by saying he doesn’t like mentioning the story but it “just never goes away.” The next day he posted on his Truth Social platform, saying the whole story was “MADE UP DISINFORMATION” and pointing out that as president he had invested heavily in the US military and created the Space Force.

President Biden never served in the US military; he received five student draft deferments in the 1960s, then, after graduating, obtained a medical exemption. His son Hunter was handed a direct commission in the US Navy Reserve in 2013 after being given special waivers for his age and drug abuse history but was thrown out after failing a drugs test the first time he reported for duty. When he joined the Navy his father said “We have a lot of bad judgment in my family.”

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