Biden Gloats About Economy as Inflation Continues to Soar

Biden Gloats About Economy as Inflation Continues to Soar

( – Every year on April 1, many Americans put forward their best jokes and pranks in honor of April Fools’ Day. While President Joe Biden did not try to make a humorous public statement to mark the occasion, many Americans still found the Tweet he released laughable. On Saturday, April 1, President Biden gloated on Twitter about how he has helped the US economy recover from the previous administration:

Many people quickly pointed out that inflation in this country has been ridiculous — far from the previous administration’s 6% rate. And past gas prices, which were under three dollars a gallon for most Americans before Biden took office, are a stark contrast when compared to April 3rd’s average gas price of $3.50 a gallon. Author and small business advocate Carol Roth called out POTUS on Twitter, highlighting how many small businesses suffered under Biden policies in recent years.

The Washington Times put together a helpful graphic to compare and contrast the economies under recent presidents:

This is not the first time that Biden has shared a misleading tweet about how he allegedly boosted the US economy. Back in November 2022, the sitting president celebrated that seniors would receive “the biggest increase in their Social Security checks in 10 years through President Biden’s leadership.” Twitter soon added a note to the post, highlighting the SS payment hike was because the government had to adjust the increase to match the rising cost of living, which had skyrocketed alongside the nation’s inflation rate. The next day, the White House deleted the tweet.

Biden appears to be happy about the state of the US economy, and he seems to have held the stance for quite some time. However, many people keep fact-checking the president and reminding him what everyday Americans and small businesses are facing during these tough times.

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