Biden Gives Update After Accident at Colorado Springs Air Force Academy

Biden Gives Update After Accident at Colorado Springs Air Force Academy

( – President Joe Biden traveled to Colorado Springs on June 1 to honor the US Air Force Academy’s most recent graduates. The Sun captured a video of the 80-year-old US leader toppling over on stage during the event, with Secret Service members scrambling to help him back to his feet. Biden offered an awkward update later that day, telling reporters he “got sandbagged” before doing a short but ungainly dance for the cameras.

Biden reportedly failed to notice a sandbag on the stage, causing him to trip and fall. Afterward, he affirmed he was okay with smiles and a “thumbs up.”

The incident occurred shortly before another mishap where Biden hit his head on the helicopter’s door frame while exiting the Marine One, according to Mediaite. Reporter Steve Herman tweeted that print pooler Noah Robertson, who witnessed the head bump, noted the president “otherwise appeared spry.”

Former White House Secretary Jen Psaki dismissed conservative media coverage of such events as “trying to throw a lot of spaghetti up at the wall… to try to take [Biden] down.” She told MSNBC’s Joy Reid that she feels the Right has underestimated the president many times over, which he could continue to use to his advantage.

Biden and his supporters might not have a problem sweeping yet another red flag under the rug, but not everyone is so willing to overlook the fact that the president is well beyond retirement age. ABC News reported in May that 68% of the US population (including 48% of Democrats) see Biden as too old to run for a second term. Moreover, only 32% believe he has the mental acuity to lead the country.

Biden passed his yearly physical without any problems, and his official health summary stated he’s fit to serve. He’s only a few years older than Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, who will turn 77 on June 14.

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