Biden Gets Called “Mr. Magoo” As He Struggles in UK

( – President Joe Biden has carried out another visit to one of our major allies. The chief executive met with King Charles III and the British prime minister and was honored with a parade by a famous Guards regiment. It was another chance for Biden to show the world how fit, alert and decisive he really is.

Biden Meets Britain’s Leaders

On July 10, Biden made a brief visit to London on his way to a NATO conference in Lithuania. On Monday morning, he briefly met Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at 10 Downing Street. This went fairly well, thanks to the cue cards Biden was visibly clutching — at least he got Sunak’s name right instead of calling him “Rashid Sanook” as he did last October. The president then continued on to Windsor Castle for his first meeting with the King since his May 6 coronation, which Biden controversially failed to attend.

That’s where things started to go downhill. Biden was greeted with a royal salute from a detachment of the Welsh Guards in the castle courtyard, then reviewed the troops. However, he was visibly confused as he shuffled along the line of Guardsmen and then stopped to chat with an officer. The King — who Biden may not have been expecting to meet; in June, he bizarrely ended a speech with “God save the Queen” — eventually had to take Biden by the arm and lead him away.

Ryan Fournier, the founder of Students for Trump, tweeted, “We are a laughing stock,” while Nostalgia Network president David Bishop slammed the “horrible” optics and said, “He looks like Mr. Magoo inspecting the troops.” Podcaster Joey Mannarino brutally described the spectacle as “the dementia walk in full color.” Biden also repeatedly walked in front of the monarch, a diplomatic blunder former President Donald Trump was harshly criticized for in 2019.

Brits Lose Patience With Failing President

After the ceremony, Biden discussed climate change with the King before heading off in his usual motorcade of 25 vehicles that had been flown across the Atlantic to make the 40-mile trip from Stansted Airport to London and back. Biden is facing increasing criticism in the UK, where he’s seen as a senile anti-British bigot obsessed with Ireland, and that’s recently flared up again after he blocked UK defense secretary Ben Wallace from being the next chief of NATO.

Some in the UK think this was retaliation for Britain leading a drive to train Ukrainian pilots on US-made F-16 jet fighters. Instead, Biden wants the NATO job to go to European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen, a former German defense secretary whose bungling left the German Army so short of machine guns it was forced to deploy on a NATO exercise with painted broomsticks replacing the weapons in their armored vehicles.

In the UK, the head of state and head of the government are different people. Although the late Queen Elizabeth II kept working until two days before her death and was alert to the end, and King Charles III (74 years old) appears to be in good health, it wouldn’t actually matter if they visibly declined through old age because they don’t run the country. Biden does run our country — and he doesn’t look like he’s up to the job.

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