Biden Face Backlash After Comparing Illegal Migrants to Fleeing Jews

Biden Face Backlash After Comparing Illegal Migrants to Fleeing Jews

( – The Holocaust is the best-known instance of genocide in modern history. Led by Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich, it saw untold millions of Jews killed, imprisoned, and tortured. President Joe Biden is currently in hot water over comments he made comparing illegal immigrants in the United States to Jews fleeing Germany to escape the Holocaust before and during World War II.

The president was responding to a question about a potential human right to migration when he made the controversial remark. On Thursday, January 5, while he was speaking to reporters, he was asked whether he believed migration was a human right. He stated that such a right may exist “if your family is being persecuted.” He then added that “Jews in Germany” would have had a right to flee the country and “get help where they could.”

A number of Republican lawmakers and conservative analysts have slammed Biden over the remark. Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) was among those to speak out, highlighting that many of the individuals who illegally cross the border are criminals, while Jews leaving Germany were forced to do so for their own safety. He added that comments like Biden’s make it more difficult to promote productive border security initiatives.

This controversy came just before Biden’s first visit to the border as the president over the weekend. Critics complained that he avoided visiting the worst-affected areas while he was on the trip. However, White House officials insisted he had deliberately gone to the biggest problem spots during the trip.

However, several individuals like Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) posted stunning before and after images of El Paso, showing the apparent effort by local officials to give the city a makeover to conceal the impact of migrants prior to the president’s visit.

Do you think Joe Biden’s comment was acceptable or was it an inappropriate comparison? Do you think he should issue an apology?

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