Biden Cares More About Vaccination Rates Than Jobs

Biden Cares More About Vaccination Rates Than Jobs

( – As vaccination mandates at the state level start to take effect, some labor market sectors are feeling the crunch. Employees face a choice between inoculation and termination, and many are reportedly losing their jobs. Yet, according to President Joe Biden, this is only a trifling matter in the context of the quest to vaccinate every American.

Speaking in Elk Grove, Illinois, on Thursday, October 7, Biden urged his audience to look past “reports of mass firings.” The “bigger picture,” according to him, was the fact that vaccination rates were climbing.

Even so, the president’s focus on vaccination may cause him to miss vital warning signs regarding employment. On Friday, October 8, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released its September jobs report, and its findings fell far below projected expectations. The economy created 194,000 new jobs, shrinking the unemployment rate to 4.8%, but this was 60% less than the 500,000 new jobs analysts had predicted would arrive.

Could vaccine hesitancy and mandates around vaccines in the workplace be contributing to this issue? If that’s the case, things might worsen before they get better, as the federal government mandate affecting businesses with more than 100 employees has yet to take effect.

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