Biden Blasted After Walking Out of Medal of Honor Ceremony Early

( – President Joe Biden’s actions stirred confusion and outrage across media outlets after he attended a medal of honor ceremony honoring a Vietnam war hero. Numerous sources blasted the commander in chief for potentially exposing a war veteran to a deadly virus and then walking out before the event was officially over. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s response didn’t help the matter.

The ceremony was to bestow retired Army Capt. Larry Taylor the Medal of Honor. The Vietnam veteran had received a Silver Star, which Biden upgraded to Medal of Honor, for risking his life to rescue four patrolmen in 1968. Taylor served as a helicopter pilot in D Troop, 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry, 1st Infantry Division and participated in over 2,000 combat missions during his one-year deployment.

Biden attended the ceremony on Tuesday, September 5, just one day after his wife, Jill Biden, tested positive for the virus. The president reportedly wore a mask when he arrived, but he used a flimsy surgical covering in lieu of an N95 and took it off before moving to the podium for his speech. He held up the disposable face protection, announcing that he’d once again tested negative for the virus, but officials said he needed to mask up for 10 days anyway. “Don’t tell them I didn’t have it on when I walked in,” he joked. He kept the face covering off when he bestowed the award to the 81-year-old war hero, and The New York Post reports that he remained within six inches of Taylor for roughly four minutes during the presentation.

The media blasted Biden for both his inconsiderate conduct and his early exit before the ceremony officially ended — which Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said was planned due to the president’s previous virus exposure. She said he left during a break to minimize the possibility of exposing other attendees. The excuse hasn’t set well with many Americans, particularly after Biden’s close interaction with Taylor. Social media users have also expressed their outrage, with many calling Jean-Pierre a flat-out liar.

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