Biden Attends NATO Meeting, Has Hearing Problem

( – President Joe Biden recently attended a press conference in Helsinki alongside Finnish President Sauli Niinisto. The event followed the US-Nordic Leaders Summit, where members discussed Finland’s relatively new addition to NATO. Biden’s age may have complicated the effort, however, as he seemed to have a problem hearing some of the reporters when the floor opened for questions. The US president asked correspondents to repeat themselves multiple times because he failed to register what they’d said.

The first problematic question, according to Fox News, came when a reporter wanted assurances that the United States had safeguards in place to ensure its future leaders wouldn’t pull US membership without congressional approval. Biden cut off the individual before they could finish, saying he didn’t understand what they were asking.

Later, another reporter inquired about Biden having previously touched on “the Finlandization of NATO becoming the NATOization of Finland,” prompting the president to ask, “Sorry, what nation?” The reporter repeated the question and then asked the US leader where he felt the recent changes placed Finland in the worldwide scheme. Biden reiterated the first portion of the correspondent’s query before requesting that they once again repeat the last part.

Questions have been mounting as to whether Biden, now 80 years old, has grown too old to keep up with his duties as president. Visibly slowing and prone to gaffes and other age-related difficulties, he previously made headlines for tripping and falling onstage on his way to deliver a commencement speech at the Colorado Springs Air Force Academy.

The White House reportedly blamed Biden’s most recent difficulties on the “large echoey room.”

Finland became NATO’s 31st member on April 4, 2023. Recent talks between Biden and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy indicate that Ukraine might be the next country to join the alliance, although no set plans are yet in place.

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