Biden Announces $600 Million Mission Over Climate Change

Biden Announces $600 Million Mission Over Climate Change

( – President Joe Biden traveled to California this week to promote his green agenda. He announced yet another big spending package for environmental projects. His trip could have had a political purpose, too. Biden’s visit just happened to take place when Republican challenger Ron DeSantis was also in the state.

On June 19, Biden spoke to journalists at a nature reserve in Palo Alto, California. The centerpiece of his speech was the announcement of another $2.6 billion worth of spending on green projects, including $575 million for “climate resilience.” That money will go to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s “Climate Resistance Regional Challenge,” which aims to protect coastal communities against extreme weather and “impacts of climate change.”

As well as the “resilience” funding, Biden also promised another $2 billion to modernize the electrical grid. However, again the focus is on climate change, when the big problem with the grid is that most of it is just old. Thousands of homes across the South still don’t have electricity after thunderstorms on June 18 caused widespread blackouts.

While Biden toured the wetlands nature reserve and promised more spending, DeSantis attended a fundraiser in Sacramento. The Florida governor, who’s currently in second place in the race for next year’s GOP presidential nomination, has been carrying on a feud with California’s ultra-woke state government. In early June Florida flew two planeloads of illegal immigrants to Sacramento. Then, on Monday, DeSantis’ campaign released a video that contrasted California’s accelerating decline with the way Florida is thriving under his leadership.

Some Democrats complained about his visit. Strategist Fernand Amandi moaned that DeSantis “clearly has a beef with California but doesn’t seem to have a problem traveling to California to suck campaign dollars out of the state.” The conservative rival is a real threat to Biden, and if former president Donald Trump drops out of the race for any reason, DeSantis will be the leading Republican candidate. Maybe that’s why Biden turned up to splash money around while he was there.

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