Biden Administration’s Lack of Transparency Is Sowing American Distrust

Biden Administration's Lack of Transparency Is Sowing American Distrust

( – After President Joe Biden ordered the US military to take down a Chinese spy balloon over the Atlantic Ocean on February 4, tensions were high as Americans wondered how much information it gathered before its destruction. In the weeks after, people spotted multiple other objects in the sky, and radars alerted security officials to additional potential threats. Acting quickly this time, Biden ordered US fighter jets to destroy three unidentified flying objects (UFOs) over North America. But he didn’t address these major actions until many days after.

Biden Orders Take Down of Three UFOs Over North America

On February 10, just six days after POTUS finally took out the Chinese spy balloon that floated above much of the US, he ordered the military to shoot a UFO that could pose a risk to civilian planes. The next two days posed similar problems, and Biden responded the same way: shoot down the strange, unknown flying things.

These scenarios took place near Alaska, over Canada’s Yukon territory, and above the Great Lakes. The last one took two missiles to take out, as the first one missed. Each missile cost about $400,000, not including the cost of operating the plane.

In the wake of these missions, many Americans demanded more information about the floating objects. US officials told citizens there was no evidence that they were surveillance technology of any kind, but rather scientific or hobby-related devices. After days of silence, Biden confirmed these comments.

Biden Addresses Nation About UFOs

On Thursday, February 16, Biden finally acknowledged his orders to shoot down three UFOs in recent days. He noted he was acting “in accordance with established parameters for determining how to deal with unidentified aerial objects in U.S. airspace.” US intelligence is now sifting through the wreckage to determine more information about the destroyed objects.

Some people are questioning this government response, however, as there will likely be a plethora of similar objects in the future. Should the US really destroy every single unknown object in the air, and at what cost?

One UFO May Have Been a $12 Hobby Balloon

On Thursday, February 16, the Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade (NIBBB) told Aviation Week that the US F-22 may have targeted their small, “pico balloon” on February 15. The club had last detected the object on February 10 near Alaska’s west coast, which could put it over Canada’s Yukon on February 11. It is now missing in action but fits the description the government provided of the object. The small balloons, which typically cost between $12 and $180 dollars, are floated for fun or scientific reasons.

While the NIBBB is not 100% certain it was their balloon that was shot down, Ron Meadows, the founder of Scientific Balloon Solutions (SBS), noted that Biden will “not look too intelligent” if they are shooting down cheap hobby balloons. For now, though, Americans must simply wait for more answers.

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