Biden Administration Plays Damage Control After Easter Message

( – The White House is on the defensive after the furious backlash to President Biden’s Good Friday statement. Biden decided to announce that Easter Sunday was in fact, the “Transgender Day of Visibility.” This didn’t go down well with Christians who felt a key festival was being ignored in favor of woke posturing.

On March 29, Biden issued an official proclamation that March 31 is now “Transgender Day of Visibility” and advocating “lifting up the lives and voices of transgender people.” Transgender Day of Visibility was launched by trans activists in 2009 but doesn’t have much traction outside the same activist community. Biden first proclaimed March 31 as the visibility day in 2021, but for some reason felt the need to do it again in 2022. This year, he did it yet again — but, this year, March 31 was also Easter Sunday.

Many Christians and Conservatives were outraged that Biden ignored Easter to focus on an obscure trans-activist issue instead. Social media exploded with critical comments, and House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) slammed it as a betrayal of the most important aspect of Easter. Trump campaign spokeswoman Karoline Leavitt demanded an apology for the president’s “appalling” announcement, while Senator JD Vance (R-OH) called the move “disgraceful.”

Biden seems to have been taken aback by the furious response, and on Easter Sunday he tried to make amends by posting a message on X (formerly Twitter) mentioning the Christian holiday. However, Biden could only spare 94 words for this country’s estimated 210 million Christians, compared to the 635 words he dedicated to a few hundred thousand trans people in his proclamation.

The question is, was Biden’s Easter message too little, too late? Christians are going to remember that Biden’s first priority was to proclaim something he’s already proclaimed twice, with a short message to Christians released two days later as an afterthought.

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