Biden Administration Continues To See High Turnover

Biden Administration Continues To See High Turnover

( – The “great resignation” in President Joe Biden’s White House continues, with the latest fleeing member departing from the Department of Homeland Security. Seven major players have left the administration just this year. Now, the Biden administration has added John Tein, who helped oversee the country’s border security, to its high turnover.

Tein served as deputy secretary of Homeland Security for only a year before he decided to leave. His official reason, according to The Epoch Times, was he wanted more time to spend with his family, although Ira Mehlman of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) believes chaos at the southern border was more likely to blame. He noted a FAIR report released on June 22 stating that illegal immigration had spiraled out of control, costing US taxpayers roughly $163 billion. He added more than 16.8 million illegal immigrants are currently living in the United States.

Well beyond border security, staffers and officials alike have been high-tailing it from the White House for some time now, and The Associated Press reported the excessive turnover began about 18 months into Biden’s presidency. Reportedly, long hours, low morale, and uncompetitive pay have prompted many decisions. Aides have claimed Biden had nothing to do with the resignations, although the president’s consistently tanking approval ratings can’t be helping the situation. Americans’ overall faith in Biden began to fall early into his term, and he’s struggled against the current ever since.

Turnover in the White House might be steady, but some officials say it’s par for the course. White House spokesperson Emilie Simons told The Associated Press all presidencies see these types of waves. She explained many of the positions within the administration serve as stepping stones toward better careers, and these jobs also often require workers to put families on the back burner. However, in some cases — such as that of recently resigned domestic policy advisor Susan Rice — the reasons remain unclear.

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