Authorities Investigating Pregnancy Center Fire as Arson

Authorities Investigating Pregnancy Center Fire as Arson

Terror Act? – Authorities Called In After Mysterious Fire

( – A fire broke out on June 25 at Life Choices, a pregnancy center, in Longmont, Colorado, leading to severe smoke and fire damage. Investigators suspect the incident was the result of arson, as vandals defaced the front of the building with black spray paint pointing to abortion rights activism. The FBI joined local authorities to conduct a thorough look into the incident.

One spray-painted message said, “bans off our bodies,” while the other warned that no one is safe if abortions aren’t. The message was surprising in Colorado, considering Governor Jared Polis (D-CO) spoke out against the overturning of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court. In fact, the lawmaker preemptively signed the Reproductive Health Equality Act in April, codifying abortion protections in the state.

The attack reportedly happened around 3 a.m., so there were no injuries. Now, investigators are calling for help from the public. They said if anyone has a video from that evening, they can upload it to the Longmont Police Service’s Facebook site.

This incident is just one of many reported across the country in the wake of the recent SCOTUS decision. Anyone in the Longmont area with information about the fire should contact the police department at 303-774-3700.

Do you think the recent court decision justifies the Left’s destructive response?

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