AOC Wants Americans to Foot the Bill for Canceling Wild Student Debts

AOC Wants Americans to Foot the Bill for Canceling Wild Student Debts

Ocasio-Cortez Wants EVERY American To Pay This Fee

( – Since President Joe Biden took office, he has forgiven $25 billion worth of student loan debt for certain targeted individuals. Although many people think the administration shouldn’t move forward with canceling any more payment obligations for borrowers, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) feels the president should move forward and cancel all student debt — no matter the cost to taxpayers.

When asked to respond to citizens who don’t think it’s a good idea to forgive student loans, Ocasio-Cortez shot back asking if those same people opposed the Paycheck Protection Program forgiveness program. The lawmaker wondered if the measure’s opponents only have a problem with debt forgiveness when it comes to “certain classes of people.”

Taxpayers who are against the move say it isn’t fair to forgive any student loans when so many other people have already paid off their own obligations without help. These individuals don’t want to see their tax dollars going to pay off strangers’ debts.

Meanwhile, Biden is still up in the air as to whether or not he will forgive all or part of the balance across the board. In fact, he’s been pushing the problem down the road by extending the student-loan interest deferral program, currently set to expire on August 31. A Harvard economist, Jason Furman, said the move is adding to the inflation problem for the United States.

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