AOC Begs Biden To Ignore Judge’s Ruling

AOC Begs Biden To Ignore Judge's Ruling

( – Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) is known for her far-left views and leadership in the progressive Squad. She is often the mouthpiece for these groups, and her latest discussions with CNN hosts over the weekend revealed a startling request of President Joe Biden and his administration in the case of abortion. Her reaction to District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk, whom former President Donald Trump appointed, has sparked debate over the FDA’s decision to pause its approval for the abortion inducing drug mifepristone.

On Friday, April 7, AOC met with CNN’s Anderson Cooper during his show “Anderson Cooper 360.” The New York lawmaker said during the chat that a Texas federal judge ruling against the FDA approval of mifepristone is just one recent example of the “egregious overreaches by members of the judiciary.” She then said she felt “that the Biden administration should ignore this ruling.” When asked for clarification on what that action would actually look like, AOC noted the president should just choose not to enforce the decision.

Cooper quickly asked the popular progressive rep if people would want to live in a nation where the leader could simply choose to ignore a ruling by the judicial branch — which is, in theory, meant to keep a healthy system of checks and balances. AOC admitted that was a good question, but she believed the ruling should be ignored.

In case her point was not clear, just two days before, on Sunday, April 9, AOC spoke with CNN’s Dana Bash, praising President Biden for appealing the ruling. She reiterated her words from Friday, calling the whole situation an “extreme abuse of power” and “an extraordinary example of judicial overreach.”

This congresswoman from Queens is asking the executive branch to ignore the part of the government that is meant to keep it in check. Now, though, it is up to Biden and his Cabinet to decide if they will comply with this request.

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