Americans Reveal Wish List: Many Want Biden to Resign

Americans Reveal Wish List: Many Want Biden to Resign

( – Heading into the holidays, Fox News decided to see what some people wanted for Christmas from the president. There were a range of answers, but what many people apparently wanted more than anything was for Biden to call it quits and resign from office.

A reporter for Fox News walked the streets of Nashville, Tennessee where Americans from various parts of the country were visiting. One person, “Ray” from Pennsylvania, declared he would tell the president to retire immediately. A woman from Massachusetts, “Kathy,” asserted she wanted Biden to resign.

While many of the people declared they wanted the president to leave office, others had different requests. Another popular demand was for Biden to reduce inflation and bring down the price of fuel. One man visiting from New York, “Mike,” told Fox News he wanted the president to bring Paul Whelan, a former US Marine imprisoned in Russia since 2018, back home. Biden had excluded the former military man from a recent prisoner swap that returned WNBA player Brittney Griner to the US.

Others declared the president needed to stop giving away America’s money, possibly referring to the $45 billion recently allotted to Ukraine in the form of “emergency funds”. One man, “Michael,” asserted he wanted Biden to give him back his 401(k). The man added that the president needed to “get the economy going,” mentioning how hard it’s become for Americans to pay “top dollar for everything.”

While these people were from all over the country, none of their opinions favored the commander in chief. The question is can they, and the rest of America, blame Biden for all these ongoing issues?

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