American Diplomat Found Dead in Kyiv Hotel Room

( – Earlier this year, the United States beefed up its presence at the US Embassy in Kyiv. There are currently between 100 and 200 military personnel and diplomats stationed there. Recently, one of the staffers was found dead in a Kyiv hotel room, and there’s not much information available about his passing.

The unnamed victim was discovered dead in his room at the Hilton Hotel on Tuesday, June 25. He had arrived in the country only 10 days prior. Strana UA, a Ukrainian publication, reported that “No signs of violence were found on the body,” and that the only thing known about him is that he “suffered from high cholesterol.”

On Wednesday, Matthew Miller, a spokesperson for the US Department of State, confirmed that one of the country’s embassy workers did indeed pass away. He did not name the victim, but said he was a governmental employee “who was under chief of mission authority.” That terminology refers to someone who has the authority to oversee employees from diverse government organizations and direct their activities.

Miller also made it clear that there are no conspiracies at play here and that the man died of natural causes. No autopsy was done, according to state media, but the US Embassy took possession of his body.

Back in March, unnamed sources revealed that the US was planning to send more diplomats to the embassy in Kyiv to provide some relief and make it easier to free up time for officials, including US Ambassador Bridget Brink, to travel around the nation and handle more governmental business.

The United States is still cautioning Americans not to visit Ukraine because of the security situation. The country entered its third year in its war against Russia and tensions between the two have continued to escalate. The US has approved nearly $200 billion in aid to help it fight off its aggressor.

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