Airline Passengers Get a Maggot Shower

( – Passengers aboard a popular airline got a horrifying surprise about an hour into their flight when a shower of maggots began to fall from an overhead compartment. The airplane was early into a trip from Amsterdam to Detroit, Michigan, but the incident forced it to turn around. The maggots reportedly came from rotting fish a passenger had packed in a suitcase.

The bizarre event took place on Delta Flight DL133 on February 13. According to the accounts, a passenger noticed maggots were falling onto her head, and the person sitting behind her turned around to find the tiny creatures wriggling on the seat. The fish the maggots came from had been wrapped in nothing but newspaper.

Flight crew members were able to move the affected passengers to different seats. They also reportedly asked the individual responsible for the mess to stay behind when they cleared the plane, but sources haven’t been able to determine whether the person faced any other consequences.

Bringing food in a checked or carry-on bag is allowable on Delta flights, according to the company’s policy, as long as the item is in proper packaging. Apparently, newspaper isn’t the best packing choice for airline travel.

Delta gave a statement to The Independent, apologizing for the flight interruption. The company stated that the affected passengers were moved to the next available flight, and it gave each person who was delayed overnight 8,000 air miles, compensation for a hotel room, and a meal ticket worth $30. The airline also cleaned the plane before returning it to service.

The cringeworthy incident is just one of many horror stories passengers and flight crew members have experienced in recent months. Delta suffered another embarrassing headline in January after a passenger reportedly soiled their pants and left feces smeared across their seat. That same month, crew members on a Thai AirAsia flight from Bangkok to Phuket caught a snake that was slithering across an overhead compartment, terrifying nearby passengers.

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