A Third-Party Run by Trump Could Cause Havoc in 2024

A Third-Party Run by Trump Could Cause Havoc in 2024

(RepublicanJournal.org) – Donald Trump’s November 15, 2022, announcement that he plans to run for the presidency once again appears only to have further divided the Republican party. Many members of the GOP have become disillusioned with the former leader, prompting speculation that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis could be rising as the new right-wing favorite. Despite the havoc it could cause, Trump might consider a third-party run to stay in the game.

The thought has some supporters steeling themselves for what they see as an important upcoming choice: support the GOP’s official pick or stick with Trump and hope for the best. American Greatness writer Dan Gelernter compares the dilemma to the 1912 choice Americans had when William Howard Taft received the Republican nomination over the voter-preferred Teddy Roosevelt. As a result of the ensuing voter split, Democrat Woodrow Wilson won the seat.

Gelernter believes the majority of Republicans continue to stand by Trump, but GOP leaders are sidestepping the people’s choice by considering other options. He reasons it’s not good enough to vote for the lesser of two evils simply because the party’s choice has moved in a different direction. He insists their only chance at moving forward is to vote for Trump, even if he runs on a third-party ticket — even if it means risking another win for the Left.

Gelernter also pointed at the Democrats’ 2016 loss when Bernie Sanders split the progressive vote, calling the dilemma “a fake non-choice among candidates who are pre-selected for us.” Sanders was the people’s favorite, but many Democrats voted along party lines despite their reservations about Hillary Clinton. The result was a weak party win that didn’t hold up in the final election.

Do you think a third-party run by Trump could succeed, or will history repeat itself again?

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